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West Virginia’s Choice
for Homemaker and Other Home Care Services

West Virginia’s Choice adheres to the philosophy that all persons have an inherent right to live as independently as possible and strives to empower individuals to remain in their own home and community rather than entering a nursing home.

Helping You Take Care of the People You Love
Our agency offers in-home care services to eligible individuals statewide. In-home care assists the client with actual day-to-day tasks involved in remaining independent.

For more information, or to make a referral, please contact the West Virginia’s Choice (WVC) office nearest you and indicate your interest in home care services.

West Virginia’s Choice serves people widely varied in age and lifestyle. This assistance can be provided to persons who are elderly or have physical, intellectual, or developmental disabilities. West Virginia’s Choice serves both children and adults in need of daily living assistance.

You must meet certain medical and financial criteria to qualify for services under Medicaid. Medical need is based on your ability to care for yourself in your home. Financial eligibility is determined by the Department of Health & Human Resources (some financial criteria may be waived). If you pay privately, there are no eligibility requirements other than your desire and ability to pay for the services.

Is there a Waiting List?
There may be a waiting list, depending on what services you choose. However, you may qualify to receive services immediately.

Where Are Services Delivered?
Services are provided to you right in your own home. This allows you and your family to enjoy privacy while receiving services you need.

Who Delivers this Service?
Homemaker Aides provide your services. These aides are trained by Registered Nurses to provide them with the skills necessary to give you peace of mind as you or your loved ones are cared for at home.

The aides will help you with the actual day-to-day tasks needed to keep you independent, such as assistance bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, light housekeeping, meal preparation, shopping and laundry.

The nurse will conduct assessments, devise plans for your care and monitor the delivery of direct care services in your home. They will also serve as resource persons for you and your family.

For more information, call a West Virginia’s Choice (WVC) office near you.

WVC’s Home Care Services

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